G. K. Chemicals is an India based corporation specializing in the research, development, manufacture, export and distribution of mint products and and essential oil as health products to retail & wholesale markets in India as well as abroad.



Natural Mint Products
Essential Oil
Natural Mint Products

We offer a wide range of natural mint products such as menthol oil arvensis and shivalik (natural and crude), menthol oil shivalik de-terpeneted, menthol crystals bold / medium (USP / BP / IP). Our range of menthol flakes dry are offered in L-menthol 98.5% amount as well as our menthol powder melted is offered in L-menthol 96% TMC 97% amount. Our range of natural mint product includes peppermint oil de-mentholised (crude) which are offered in following specifications: Natural mint products are as follows:
  • Mentha Shivalik Oil
  • Menthol Bold Crystal (Usp/Bp/Ip)
  • Menthol Rice (Usp/Bp/Ip)
  • Menthol Powder (Melted)
  • De-Mentholised Peppermint Oil (Crude)
    • L-Menthol: 33-36% Tmc: 50% Min.
  • De-Mentholised Pippermint Oil (Terpineless)
    • L-Menthol : 38-40% Tmc : 55-60%
    • L-Menthol : 50% Tmc : 65%
    • L-Menthol : 60% Tmc : 75%
  • Menthone Ex Mentha Oil 95%
  • Menthone (Graded)
  • Mint Terpines 99.5%
  • Cis-3-Hexanol (Natural 5%-98%)
  • 3-Octanol
  • Limonene
    We offer superior quality liquid menthol with l-menthol in 72% to 98% amounts, menthone crude 95%, menthone processed in ) 80 x 20, 90 x 10, 95 x 5 and 98 x 2 amounts, cls iii hexanol natural in 50%, 95% and 98%, iso-menthone, neo-menthol, iso-menthol, l-menthyl acetate, 3-octanol, l-limonene, mint terpenes 99%, mentha piperita oil or oil peppermint expipperita, mentha spearmint oil 55%, mentha spearmint oil 60%, mentha citrata oil and mentho furane natural 95%


Mint India
Source An entirely Natural Oil, Originally Steam Distilled from the plant, Mentha Arvensis grown in India.
Colour/Appearance Slight-Yellow Transparent and Clear
Odor Characteristic Mentha Arvensis Odor
SP. GR. 0.898°C to 0.908°C
Refractive Index 1.458°C to 1.462°C
Optical Rotation -30°C to -34°C
Solubility in Alcohols In 4 volume of 90% Alcohol
Ester (As Methyl Acetate) 2.0% to 5.0% w/w
L-Menthol 72% to 73%
Menthone 15% to 16%
Iso-Menthone 3.086%
Total Menthol 78% to 80%
Terpenes 7% to 8%
Packing In New Galvanised lron Drum, packed airtight 180Kgs. & 25 Kgs. Net.
Application Chewing gum Toothpaste, Pharmaceuticals, In flavoring liquor, Scented Betel nuts, Cosmetics and Fragrances etc.



Mint India
Mint India
Menthol is colourless hexagonal or needlelike crystal. It is raw material of medicines, food and daily-use industrial products and flavor. Balaji brand natural menthol crystal represents superior quality of Indian menthol. Its pure flavor and strong coolness have enjoyed very high reputation among customers
Other Name Levo-Menthol, Hexa Hydro Thymol, Cyclohexanol
Description Hexagonal or needle like Bold Crystals, Snow-White, Super dry, Transparent, Colour less, pleasant Crystals with refreshing Mint odor
Reaction Solution in Alcohol is natural
Taste Cool Sensation in mouth and characteristic mint
Non-volatile matter 0.025%
Melting point 43° C
Specification rotation -50° C for L-menthol
Levo-Menthol on Chromatographic 99.70%
Arsenic 2.90 PPM
Packing In Fiber Drum airtight, packed at controlled room temperature & Lining with Thermocol sheet.
Storage Special Instructions Store in cool airtight place, away from heat sources, Please keep in cool place to retain it original shape.


Mint India
Source From Natural Oil Originally Steam Distilled from the plant, Mentha Arvensis grown in India.
Colour/Appearance Colour less, hexagonol like Flakes/Powder, with Mint Odor.
Optical Rotation -41°C to -42°C -40°C
Refractive Index 1.46°C 1.44°C
Non volatile matter 0.03% 0.0325%
Melting Point 39°C to 40°C 35°C
Levo Menthol 98.5% 96%
TMC 99% 97%
Packing In fiber drums 25 Kgs. Net In Gall, new drum, airtight packed 180 Kgs., 25 Kgs. Net.



Mint India
Other Name Toothpaste, Pharmaceuticals, In flavoring liquor, Scented Betel nuts, Cosmetics and Fragrances etc.
Source & Description An entirely natural oil, originally Steam Distilled from the plant, Mentha Arvensis grown in India. Colour-less, clear liquid, Odor-Characteristic and pleasant.
SP.GR. 0.899 0.900 0.905
Refractive Index 1,457° C 1,458° C 1,459° C
Optical Rotation -18° C to -22 ° C -22° C to -24° C -24° C to -25.5° C
Solubility in Alcohol In 4 volume of 90% Alcohol In 4 volume of 90% Alcohol In 4 volume of 90% Alcohol
Neo-Menthol 7-10% 7-7.5% 6.57%
Iso-Menthone 2 - 3% 2% 1.5 - 2%
Menthone 25% to 30% 15% to 20% 15% to 20%
L-Menthol 38% to 40% 50% 60%
Total Menthol 50% to 60% 65% 75%
Application : Pharmaceuticals, Confectioneries, Cosmetics and Flavoring compound
Packing : In Gall, New Drum airtight packed 180 Kgs and 25 Kgs net.



Mint India
Source The isolation is carried out by fractional from De-mentholised Peppermint oil.
Purity 50% to 99% pure by GLC.
Colour Colourless to pale yellow liquid, transparent and clear.
Description Grade I Grade II Grade III
Hexanol, 3Z Area 98% Area 95% Area % 90%
Sesory Test Comparable to standard Comparable to standard. Comparable to standard.
Colour & Appearance Clear, Colourless to Pale Clear, Colourless to Pale Clear, Colourless to Pale
Visual Yellowish Liquid Yellowish Liquid Yellowish Liquid
Opt. Rotation -0.75 -0.70 -0.65
Refractive Index at 20° C(NA-D-Line) 1.445 1.446 1.446
Specific Gravity at 25/25 0.842 0.842 0.842
Purity 98% 95% 90%
Application : In Cosmetics and Perfumery compound.
Packing : In Gall & Allum. New Drum airtight packed 175 Kgs and 25 Kgs, 5 Kgs net.
Note : Recently, we are trying our best in processing of CIS Trans and CIS 111 Hexanol Salicylate.


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